5 Tips on Gas That Don’t Actually Work

Do you fill up your car, only to see how much gas sets in the tank? There are so many tips that have been followed for decades. We are also on the lookout for ways on how to get more gas in the tank. But do those tricks work?

Here are five tips on gas that don’t work.

Turning off the Air Conditioner will help save gas

While we try to lessen our use of  air conditioning to help save on the bill, we are led to believe that using the AC will drain your gas tank as well. However, according to auto testing at Consumer Reports, running the AC uses a minimal amount of gas meaning you might as well use the air conditioning.

Not filling up when it’s cold

Getting gas during the cold weather is assumed to become dense. But the truth is that there is hardly any difference since gas is stored in cooling tanks underground.  It’s almost like this was started by a cash for cars company that buys junk cars.

Rise in Tire Pressure

Some say that you should pump your tires if you want to get the most out of your gas intake. Overinflating tires can be dangerous as it reduces our grip on the road. Having properly tired inflation is key to the safety and longevity of your vehicle.

Leaving the Engine on

Some people say that starting your car will suck up fuel as it runs. But with today’s fuel-infected vehicles, the gas won’t waste during startups. In fact, staying on idle will cost you nearly half a gallon per hour.

Change of Air Filter

Keeping up with the maintenance of your car is purposely meant to be able to drive longer. But don’t expect that certain maintenance features like changing the air filter will give you more gas for your buck.

There are a lot of tips out there that are said to saving gas. But do they work? Instead of looking for advice on how to improve your fuel tank, try changing the way you drive and your habits.

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