4 Ways You Can Save on Car Expenses

Transportation is an essential need for many as we need it to travel for work, daily lives and everything in between. But with that come major responsibilities and costs that have the potential to break your budget.

Here are four ways you can save on car expenses.

Drive Reliable Vehicles

Years ago, vehicles were built to last long. Now, modern cars seem to decrease in value by up to 15% every year. This means that after five years, the value of the vehicle would drop to more 50% after five years. This could put a financial strain on buyers. Make sure to choose a car that is reliable and will be able to stand the test of time.

Practice Proper Maintenance

Neglecting your vehicle can lead to major differences in the effectiveness of your car. It is important to keep a routine maintenance as it will become the difference between minimal repair costs and high charges. Remember, all vehicles are different, so be sure to follow your owner’s manual.

A general guideline for every car owner should follow:

  • Check fluid levels and conditions of tires during every gas refillEvery three months of 3,000 miles: check hoses,
  • battery, tread depth, wipers and change oilEvery six months or 7,500 miles: rotate tires service batter, and check
  • brake pad wear.Once a year, every 15,000 miles: Routine checkup, check air filters and replace transmission
  • fluid.Every four years or 60,000 miles: replace timing belt

While you might find then that these general guidelines will cause you to spend more time and money, this will also prevent accidents and significant costs and repair in the long run.

Research on your car insurance quote

Shopping for the best car insurance will help you find a great idea. Some people have said to switch companies due to the major savings for the same coverage. Ask your current insurance holder for discounts. There are plenty of discounts given to seniors, students, and cars with passive restraint systems, anti-theft devices, and anti-lock brakes.

Got any other tips on how you can save money? Comment below and share your advice with us!

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