4 Ways You Can Increase Your Fuel Mileage

Looking to improve your fuel mileage? Not only will this help save you money but also improve the environment by releasing less emission and reducing the dependence on oil. By reducing the amount of driving, there are many ways to improve the fuel economy and mileage.

Here are four ways you can increase your fuel mileage.

Stay light on the pedals

Motions of rapid acceleration, braking and speeding will waste gas. Depending on the vehicle, poor habits will affect the fuel mileage by up to 33%. As long as you drive sensibly, you can save on gas.

Remove the extra space

Carrying additional space in your car will help reduce the fuel mileage. Reducing the weight will help prevent spending more on fuel due to the heavy loads. Small vehicles are more affected due to the increase in weight than large ones.

Using Cruise Control

According to car experts, using cruise control when appropriate will help improve the fuel mileage as much as 14%. Just be sure to avoid using cruise control in rough terrains.

Tire Pressure

Maintaining your vehicle will go a long way in increasing your fuel mileage. The U.S. Department of Energy claims that over 1.25 billion gallons of gas are wasted each year due to low inflated tires. The best way to keep your car in its top shape is to follow the standard guidelines rather than the instructions of the tires itself.

The condition of your tires will affect the performance as well as the fuel economy. When things are uneven, you will have an out-of-balance alignment and require new suspension repairs.

While the good old’ days of cheap gas may be far behind us, that don’t mean we have to stop using our vehicles. Not only will improving your fuel mileage is good for you and your car, but also help the environment too.

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